Turn heads. Capture hearts. Grab wallets.

Ever wonder what the hell Charlie does for a living? When he's not speaking at conferences and in boardrooms, he's the Chief Troublemaker at Curve Detroit. Charlie and the team of marketing and design pros at Curve help growing brands be remarkable, stand out from the clutter and connect with customers.

Curve is media agnostic agency. What the heck does that mean? Remember Felix the Cat and his bag of tricks? Felix is trapped at the bottom cavern, and wouldn't you know it, he pulls a ladder out of his bag. An angry dog barks at him, and Felix reaches in his bag to find a T-bone steak.

Felix never found a cure-all is his bag. Every object was specifically meant for his predicament. Great marketing solutions are the same way. It's impossible to choose a strategy without taking a hard look at the situation - the goals, audience and budget. Creating solutions as unique as the challenges - that's Curve's bag.

Curve does their clients one better than Felix's bag, offering up ideas that not only achieve immediate business goals, but also work to build your brand future. From an attention-grabbling, 16-story building wrap to an iPhone app that engages and entertains customers, no tactic is off the table.

Ready to launch a new product, redo your brand or spread the word about your business? Chances are Charlie and Team Curve have a couple of big ideas that can help your business right now.

Take a gander at Curve Detroit Marketing Stategy, Creative Design & Social Technology or give them a jingle at 248.766.9994.

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Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Web Design, Identity Design, Packaging, Social Media.

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